Destination Alaska – More than a once in a lifetime trip – Page 2

May 30, 2018

So after 3 days of pretty average food and miles of walking the Las Vegas Strip, we finally got ready for our flight to Anchorage. What most people (including myself) don’t realize is just how far the 49th State is from the lower 48. Well, for starters you can’t fly direct from Vegas. So you got to head to the Pacific Northwest and more specifically to Seattle – which seems to be the base for Alaskan Air (even though we flew Delta to Anchorage).

Seattle being the home to coffee (Starbucks) in the USA, we had to stop for some coffee and some spicy mac n cheese at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (delicioussss!!) at Tacoma airport (especially with a near 4 hour layover).


Caffeine intake

If you’re ever stuck at Seattle International Airport (even though the airport is pretty average – way better than LAX – anything’s better than LAX) – don’t miss Beecher’s mac n cheese, calorific but delicious.

A few hours later gave us these views:

And finally, around 6.00pm we landed in Anchorage where our shuttle bus to the hotel met us within 10 minutes of our collecting our bags at the luggage carousel. One might ask why such a strange accommodation for a night in Anchorage. Well that answers it – a night in Anchorage with it already being past 6.00pm, how much more of the evening or night was there? Well, a lot land of the midnight sun is correct although let’s be honest the Alaskan summer sun really never sets.


Our shuttle bus – yes, its called the Puffin Inn

After some research and reconfirmation by the hotel receptionist, we took an Uber to the 49th State Brewery which has an absolutely gorgeous outdoors deck and lovely views (other than the one tree obstructing our views). The food and beverage offering was fantastic. You simply have to try Halibut when you’re in Alaska and that’s exactly what we did. The in house brews went down just perfectly too!


Happy campers @ 49th Street Brewery, Anchorage

The above photo was shot at 10.15pm – so you get the drift of midnight sun. As we discovered a few days later there’s really no sunset, it kinda gets to twilight and then yup, you got it – sun’s right back out.


This video doesn’t exist

Anchorage seems like a sleepy city and still living somewhere in the 1970s-1980s. It does give you access to some stunning national parks and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. So that was pretty much it for the one day in transit from Vegas to Anchorage.


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