How we do it

1.  The Groundwork

The first step prior to planning your trip is to ensure we have had our team of ‘Wayfarers’ experience your journey to be. This allows us to relate to you at a very personal level. Having not only visited but lived in some of the exotic destinations around the world allows you the opportunity to take in the sights through the eyes of a local.

Our well established relationships with people ‘on the ground’ including historians, artists, jewellers, and top experienced local guides – all craftsmen in their own rights, gives you unique one-on-one experiences.

2. The Conversation

With all of the above set, our next step is to have a conversation with you to ascertain what you are looking for in your vacation. This is an opportunity to share how we work, understand more about you, and how you typically travel. The more information we have about you, the more memorable the trip. We enjoy hearing about your past travels, sharing our own experiences and recommendations and blending that all together for your next travel experience.

Ensuring both yourself and The Wayfarer Travel Co. are on the same page and determining the type of services you are after is imperative to the entire trip plan.

3. The Trip Outline

The next step is for our team to provide you with a trip outline highlighting the key trip success factors such as destination/s being visited, where you stay, how you get there and how you get from one place to the other.

4. The Detailed Itinerary

Once the broad outline is laid out, we can discuss the finer details in terms of room requirements, excursions, activities, restaurant bookings, shows and special event bookings and any other requests that you may have.

When you are happy with all of the finer details, we will send a seamless itinerary for you to go over and then will look into confirming all the details of your trip. Closer to your travel date you will receive the final detailed itinerary along with concierge contact numbers in your destination country.

5. The Experience

Our aim is to ensure you have authentic and truly memorable travels, building meaningful relationships along the way with not only us but also our local destination partners. The fostering of these long lasting relationships is what sets us apart. We look forward to assisting you with all your travel needs. Our Wayfarers follow your travels through our teams on the ground to ensure the experience is everything you were looking for and more.

6. The Post Travel Conversation

Once you are back home and in your regular routine, we will personally check in with you to ensure you had a memorable journey and would only love for you to choose The Wayfarer Travel Co. again.


If the above sounds like you, then feel free to contact us at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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